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Balance Stepping Stones for Kids, 6 Pc. Set, Sensory Early Learning Montessori Toys, Obstacle Course for Balance and Coordination, Non-Slip Step, Wood

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  • Kid’s Sensory Stepping Stones – These round stepping stones are designed to provide children multiple ways to play and learn with unique activities including the floor is lava, question and answer games, learning colors and counting, and more!
  • Non-Slip Cushioned Base – Designed for safety these stepping stones feature slip-resistant bottoms that are cushioned to cradle every step when playing on tile, wood, or carpet. Go barefoot or wear soft, anti-slip socks for added grip safety!
  • Fun, Interactive Indoor Activities – Our kid stepping stones can be used at home in playrooms, in preschools, or kindergarten classrooms. Use them to create games, enhance physical fitness, for social activities, or to simply keep kids active.
  • Well-Balanced, Stable Support – Crafted with lightweight, durable wood these toddler stepping stones support children ages 1-5, which makes them great for stepping, jumping, and active play indoor spaces.
  • Inspire Early Development and Play – Our balance stones are a great way to get kids active and having fun alone or with friends. These sensory stepping stones foster early development that includes motor skills, coordination, strength, and balance.

Make playtime unforgettably fun with wooden stepping stones that are fun, colorful, and offer tons of ways to play and learn as your child grows.

Finding indoor toys that also keep your child active can be challenging; especially when you want to promote a more well-rounded learning experience. We developed Special Supplies Wooden Stepping Stones as a way to get children up off the couch and have fun while safely and gently challenging them physically and cognitively. These well-balanced, non-slip wooden stones give your child a chance to step, jump, stretch, and move in ways that are essential to good physical wellness. In fact, these colorful wooden stones help strengthen coordination and balance, inspire creative and challenging games (like parkour or the floor is lava), and even help them build confidence that translates to relationships and the classroom. All while being fun, entertaining, and easy to enjoy for children ready to explore their physicality.

Product Details:

  • Wooden Stepping Stones (6-Pc. Set)
  • Montessori-Inspired Early Learning Toys
  • Smooth, Durable, High-Quality Wood
  • Slip-Resistant Cushioned Base
  • Designed to Support Ages 1-5
  • Lightweight and Portable Steps
  • Diameter: 7.5” Each


Improve your child’s strength, balance, and spatial awareness with Special Supplies stepping stones designed for active play and Montessori-inspired indoor games.

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