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Bamboozlers Puzzle

  • Unique Bamboo Wooden Puzzle
  • With each puzzle see if you can figure how to take apart all the pieces through careful maneuvers.
  • Watch carefully as the second puzzle is to put all the pieces back together.
  • Puzzles constructed of beautiful bamboo wood which is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly trees.
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Bamboozler puzzles are interlocking brain teasers or sometimes known as burr style puzzles. The object of each puzzle is to take a apart into pieces through clever movements. NO Force is required. Once apart the second challenge is to reassemble the puzzles. Often reassembly is more challenging.

Each Bamboozler Puzzle is medium difficulty. Each have a different interlocking design. Each puzzle presents a fun and unique challenge. Puzzle difficulty ratings are subjective and your experience could be different. Bamboo puzzles include a solution. 

 Bamboo puzzles are approximately 3 x 3 inches.

Bamboo is a wonderfully bright, fairly hard, very fast growing, environmentally friendly sustainable wood source. Used widely for flooring, kitchen cutting boards, cabinets, outdoor decking as well as puzzles and games.

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