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Blow Lotto

  • Includes Plastic frame, ball, game board with track on both sides, game board with animal pictures on both sides
  • Nine holes show different pictures, which are also featured on the players' lotto cards
  • Strong storage box measures approximately 9" length by 9" width by 4" height
  • A unique, highly amusing game; develops breathing control and lip muscles
  • 4 lotto boards with animal pictures on both sides and 36 playing chips
  • The first player to cover all pictures is the winner
  • Develops breathing control and lip muscles
  • Challenging and fun for all children
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Blow Lotto is a unique and entertaining game for children and adults that helps train mouth function, breathing coordination, respiratory muscles, and lip strength. Insert an animal game board into the board frame, and set the ball in the frame. Players blow the ball on the tray from one hole to another while controlling the speed and direction of the ball. When the ball lands on an animal picture, the player covers the corresponding animal on his or her Lotto Board with a playing chip. The first player to cover all nine animals is the winner! The instruction booklet includes different game variations and activities with translations in English, French, German, Danish, and Chinese. For 1-4 players. Ages 3 and up.

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