Deep Pressure Compression Sensory Vest (6 Sizes) Comfortable Breathable, Form-Fitting for Kids and Adults

  • Top-quality interlocking neoprene compression deep pressure vests
  •  The vest produces a calming, focusing, slowing-down effect.
  • Each size is measured by "Length x Chest", each of the sizes can be adjusted up to 5" smaller than the listed chest size.
  • Velcro closures make room for multi-adjusting side velcro closures for custom tailoring the "hugging" effect!
  • These washable pressure vests can be an effective tool for helping children with sensory differences self-regulate
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Pressure Vest XXS 12"x20" Green
Pressure Vest XXS 12"x20" Blue
Pressure Vest XXS 12"x20" Purple
Pressure Vest XXS 12"x20" Gray
Pressure Vest XS 14"x24" Blue
Pressure Vest XS 14"x24" Green
Pressure Vest XS 14"x24" Purple
Pressure Vest XS 14"x24" Gray
Pressure Vest Small - 17"x30" Blue
Pressure Vest Small - 17"x30" Green
Pressure Vest Small - 17"x30" Purple
Pressure Vest Small - 17"x30" Gray
Pressure Vest Medium - 20"x36" Blue
Pressure Vest Medium - 20"x36" Purple
Pressure Vest Medium - 20"x36" Gray
Pressure Vest Medium - 20"x36" Green
Pressure Vest Large - 24"x42" Gray
Pressure Vest Large - 24"x42" Black
Pressure Vest XL- 26"x48" Grey

Use this vest to provide calming deep pressure to kids and adults with autism or sensory challenges. This durable vest features 2mm neoprene similar to the fabric used for wet suits. It is perforated allowing it to breath which will prevent your clients from over heating. 

This vest features an easy to adjust two piece design with hook and loop closures at the shoulders and both sides of the vest. This allows you to provide just the right amount of evenly distributed deep pressure across the entire trunk.

Some therapists prefer this design to a traditional weighted vest because you can adjust the amount of pressure simply by adjusting the vest rather than adding or subtracting weights which can become expensive or bulky depending on the client.

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