Easy Grip Toothbrush

These brightly colored infant brushes are made with soft DuPont™ Tynex® Nylon Bristles end rounded and highly polished.

Handle is oversized to prevent over insertion. Great for children’s first teeth and easy transition from training to a toddler brush.

(Price is per 1 unit)

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Our Infant Stage 2 Brush features 28 tufts of soft Dupont™ Tynex™ bristles and comes in a variety of bright colors. These toothbrushes are designed for safe brushing, as the oversized handle prevents the brush from being pushed too far into a child’s mouth. The nylon bristles are polished and end-rounded for a comfortable brush. Created for children in infancy up through age 3, the Infant Brush is the perfect starter toothbrush. Brushes are sold in assorted colors

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