Giant Stress Ball - Huge Squishy Anxiety Reliever - Super Soft 6" Inch Stretch Ball

  • GIGANTIC 6 Inch Stress Ball

  • Squeeze and Soothe Anxiety Away While Increasing Blood Flow To Your Hands And Arms.

  • Two Handed Gel Ball Perfect For Fidgeting, Squeezing, And More!

  • Great For Reducing Stress, Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis Symptoms.

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No matter whether you're overcome with stress, frustration, aggravation, anxiety, boredom, or you accidentally turned on news, then you're going to need this cool new Giant Stress Ball. Forget one-handed stress balls, because in this modern age of daily general chaos, political hand-wringing, endless worrying about everyone else's problems, achieving social media perfection, protesting just about anything, finding things to be offended by, losing a fidget spinner, and on and on and on, then you're going to need a gigantic two-handed stress ball. Simply squeeze, knead, and furiously pound on this soft oversized stress ball and you might just find some kind of momentary tranquility in your life.
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