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Jacobs Ladder

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  • Wooden versions of the classic Jacob
  • Be amazed by its almost magic-like movements as it falls, switching colours effortlessly
  • They are irresistible and almost hypnotic to fiddle with
  • Makes a lovely clack-clack-clacking sounds as it moves
  • An intriguing classic wooden sensory resource which offers rewarding movements

Our Jacobs Ladders are wooden versions of this classic partime toy. Be amazed by its almost magic-like movements, as it falls one way and then the other, switching sides or colours effortlessly. The cleverly'hinged' wooden sections click over each other in a perplexing and ingenious way when you tip the top section over between your fingers. They are irresistible, and almost hypnotic, to fiddle with and make a lovely 'clack-clack-clacking'sound as they move! Great exercise for the grip and the wrists. An intriquing classic wooden sensory resource which offers rewarding movement and sound for little effort. And we have a choice of 2 designs to offer you: Natural or Rainbow. One supplied. Age 3 Years+

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