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Grush Smart Electric Toothbrush Makes Brushing Fun for Kids with Interactive Brushing Games and Precise Tracking and Monitoring for Parents

  • MAKE BRUSHING FUN: Game Controlling Smart Kids Toothbrush connects with mobile games that guide brushing
  • TOOTH-to-TOOTH NAVIGATION TECHNOLOGY: Grush tracks the EXACT location of the brush within the mouth
  • PARENTAL TRACKING FEATURE: Track children's scores, select the date and see accurate brushing scores for every surface of every tooth
  • FREE INTERACTIVE BRUSHING APPS: Multiple Grush Games motivate and guide proper brushing
  • LIFETIME DATA TRACKING: Sync Brushing Scores with Grush Dental Cloud Feature
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Grush Apps are interactive games and apps that receive motion data from the Grush Brush and integrate it with a simulated image of teeth or any game theme. The games are designed to guide children to brush properly according to the American Dental Association’s child brushing recommendations. The child can battle monsters, fly spaceships, or ride a pony, all while being instructed in the ideal brush position and duration of brushing. Peace of Mind: The Grush Cloud stores statistical brushing data for parental tracking / monitoring. The Parental Dashboard App is used to track kids' brushing over time and reward them accordingly.

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