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Sensory Stretchy Body Sock - New Snap Closure

  • Increase body awareness, strength, and creativity
  • Creates a protective and imaginative space for children and adults
  • Excellent for tactile stimulation, sensory integration, body boundaries, and self-expression
  • Available in 3 different sizes
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This neat multisensory space exploring tool is excellent for providing calming/organizing deep pressure input, and for developing motor planning, spatial, and body awareness.  Sensory Sock is fabulous for tactile and deep pressure proprioceptive seekers, and for those who are tactilely defensive.  A wonderful OT tool for kids who have autism, ADHD, or sensory integration challenges.  Made of a machine washable, stretchy Lycra material.  Colors will vary.  *The ideal sizing for a Sensory Sock is as close as possible or slightly shorter than one's height– please refer to the sizing chart below:

  • Small - 40" tall x 27" wide
  • Medium - 47" tall x 27" wide
  • Large - 56" tall x 28" wide

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