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Sleep Sleeve Sensory Bed Sheet for Kids (Twin Sized) Compression Alternative to Weighted Blankets | Help Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Tension | Breathable, Stretchy, Adjustable

Relaxing Sensory Experience – A smart alternative to restrictive weighted blankets, these sensory sheets help relieve stress or anxiety associated with autism or ADHD.

Breathable, Stretchy Comfort – A soft, comforting blend of nylon and spandex, these stretchable twin-sized sheets offer firm, calming support for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Adjustable Compressive Support – Offering deep touch pressure these compression sheets for kids let you increase or decrease compression as your children grow.

Engaging the Proprioceptive System – Superior to a weighted blanket, sensory bed sheets give children full autonomy to get in and out of bed with ideal stimulation.

Quick and Easy Set Up – Each sensory bed sheet features adjustable elastic straps on the back that wrap around your bed mattress and adjust to suit your child’s comfort.

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Give your child a better night’s rest with a soft, breathable sensory sheet that provides adjustable compression and stress-relieving support.

As a parent of a child struggling with sensory overload due to ADHD or autism, it can be hard to watch them struggle through sleepless nights and exhaustive days. That’s why we created a smarter, more comforting compression system that’s more effective and easier to use than weighted blankets.

Introducing The Sleep Sleeve, an adjustable, stretchable “pocket” that lies over a twin mattress and lets children slip in and feel comforted by the adjustable touch pressure compression that stimulates their minds and bodies as they drift off to relaxing sleep.

Breathable and less constrictive than weighted blankets, our Sleep Sleeve provides deep touch pressure and proprioceptive input ideal for kids with anxiety, stress, or sensory challenges.

Consultation Recommendations

As with any sensory product, you should always consult with your child’s Occupational Therapist prior to use. You, your child, and their therapist will always know what the safest and most supportive benefits can come from The Sleep Sleeve.

Product Details:

  • Sleep Sleeve (Gender Neutral)
  • Breathable Nylon and Spandex Fabric
  • Stretchy, Responsive Feel
  • Promotes Calming Relaxation
  • Adjustable Strap Length
  • Customizable Compression
  • Machine Washable (Air Dry Recommended)
  • For Use with Twin-Sized Bed Only
  • Not Intended for Children Under 3

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