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Slinky Pop Toob (single unit)

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  • Even better when used for hours of fun! Each Pop Toob can expand from 8" to 30".
  • Snappable tubes make a popping sound as they are flexed back and forth.
  • Provides tactile stimulation, fine motor skills and auditory feedback.
  • Can be popped, stretched, bent, and connected together.
  • You might want more than one! Colors may vary.
  • Price is per Tube

The Special Supplies Pop Toobs are colorful, bendable, snappable tubes that can be connected together to create longer tubes and different shapes. These plastic "toobs" come in a variety of colors and are designed to stretch and make great sounds. Each 8-inch tube expands 4-times its original length and is connectable with other Pop Toobs. Children love wrapping them around their head and hands to make colorful jewelry, make longer tubes or build a small fort. Pop Toobs create a popping sound as you expand and compress the tubes or twirl them around in a circle to make them whistle. They are durable tubes that come in assorted colors and make great items for party favors, grab bags, and prizes. Stretch them, bend them, connect them, this toy will be hard to put down because there are so many ways to play and fiddle with a Slinky Pop Toob. . 

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