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Squishy Fuzzy Band Bracelets for Kids, 6 Pack

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  • Stretchy, Squishy Bracelets – This 6-pack of tactile elastic wrist bands make fun and colorful wearable jewelry for kids who love being fashionable but also enjoy toys that are interactive, stretchable, and can pulled and tossed around.
  • Interactive Sensory Toys – The soft, textured feel of the squiggly fingers along the bands not only feel yummy on the skin and fingers they can help kids relax and refocus.
  • Comfortable, Wearable Silicone – We only use high-quality, skin-safe silicone in our band set for kids which makes them gentler on sensitive skin and more soothing for those with texture or stimulation needs.
  • Bright and Vibrant Colors – Every silicone wrist bands set comes with 6 assorted colors, including hot pink, blue, orange, yellow, green, and purple, which give kids more options for wearing them alone or together.
  • Complete Party Pack – The six squishy bracelets can be worn by boys and girls alike which means you can use them as birthday party favors, put them in classroom treasure chests, or simply add them to a child’s wrist band collection.

Give kid’s these stretchy, colorful bracelets with sensory touch “fuzzies” that are fun to play with as Fidget Toys.

Kids love wearing bracelets and wristbands, especially when they’re bright, colorful, and stretchy. That’s why we developed these cute and flexible Special Supplies Fuzzy Bands that can be worn alone or all together and let kids stretch them, pull the little squiggly “fingers”, and enjoy the soft, tactile feel against their skin.

Fun, Colorful and Stretchy

These flexible wristbands are great for kids who need to keep their hands busy and their minds focused, but they’re also just an exciting toy for girls and boys of all ages. They can be used as party favors or school treasure chests. Most importantly, they’re safe, non-toxic, and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Product Details:


  • Premium Silicone Fuzzy Bands (6 Pack)
  • Soft and Flexible Wearable Bracelets
  • Brilliant, Eye-Catching Colors
  • Textured Stimulating Feel
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit
  • Gender Neutral (Boys and Girls)
  • Kid-Safe, Non-Toxic Materials
  • Includes 6 Assorted Colors


Get these fun and colorful bands from Special Supplies today. This 6-pack of stretchable, wearable bracelets is sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

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