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Weighted Pens for Hand Tremors, Low Dexterity, Poor Grip Strength, 3 Pack with Storage Box

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  • Well-Balanced Weighted Pen Set – A smarter, more supportive writing aid these pens for Parkinson’s patients, elderly adults, and even kids with low-dexterity provide a more traditional, comfortable grip over wide or fat pens.
  • Crisp Black Ink for Drawing or Writing – Each of our Parkinson’s pens contains high-quality blank ink that can be used for writing on personal or professional papers, documents, or other drawing surfaces.
  • Smooth-Rolling Rollerball Pen Tip – Special Supplies black ink pens feature a premium 100mm rollerball on the tip that glides over paper and materials more smoothly, so you can create crisp, clean lines and letters easily.
  • Bright, Vibrant Pen Bundle – We’ve included three pen writing aids for adults and kids in every set including pens that come in Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver. We even included a complimentary gift-giving storage box.
  • Leak-Resistant Refillable Cartridge – These pens for elderly adults and kids offer long-lasting reuse and reliability thanks to an easy-to-refill center cartridge. Just use a water-based bank ink to maintain darker, more saturated ink.

Stop struggling to hold onto your writing pen with these Special Supplies weighted pens designed to improve your grip and control.

If you struggle to write, draw, or simply use a pen because you have hand tremors, poor hand dexterity, or low grip strength it can be hard to express yourself thoroughly. That’s why we developed these Special Supplies weighted pens with a well-balanced heavy grip. Our versatile rollerball pens with black ink are easier to lift, keep upright, and write messages or notes with, especially if you have fine motor skill issues like tremors, carpal tunnel, arthritis, or Parkinson’s. What’s more, they come with three vibrant pen colors, boast a rich black ink, and ensure a smoother, more stable writing experience, so you can leave messages, notes, or your signature with improved confidence.

Product Details:


  • Premium Weighted Pens (3 Pc. Set)
  • Traditional Black Ink
  • Ideal for Parkinson’s Hand Tremors
  • Supports Weak Dexterity or Arthritis
  • Well-Balanced with Comfortable Grip
  • Smooth Rolling Rollerball Tip
  • Stylish Gift Giving Storage Box
  • Pen Case Colors Include: Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver


Get this premium set of weighted pens from Special Supplies and make it easier to write, draw, and feel self-sufficient when you’re struggling with low hand dexterity, grip strength, or Parkinson’s.


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