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WEIGHTED - Sensory Compression Vest for Kids with Processing Disorders ADHD and Autism Calming and Supportive with Adjustable Weight Fit

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  • Customizable Weighted Feel – Every child needs something different which is why these sensory weighted vests feature front and back pockets that let you add or remove the ½ or ¼ lb. sand bags to support their individual needs. (Sizes: Large, Meduim and Small have 2 pockets in the front and 4 in the back - Sizes: X-Small and XX-Small have 2 pockets in the front and 2 in the back)
  • Soft, Breathable, and Supportive – Designed to wrap comfortably over the shoulders and around the midsection our weighted vest for kids lets them move, play, and experience life with natural mobility while staying cool and relaxed on the go.
  • Home, Travel, and Classroom Use – Our versatile sensory weighted vest can be worn wherever and whenever your child needs to calm down or feel more in control, including on long car rides, in class with friends or teachers, or out running errands.
  • Supporting Kids of All Sizes – Special Supplies sensory compression vests come in five versatile sizes to fit your growing child including XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large. All in a gender-neutral Navy for boys or girls.
  • Calming, Therapeutic Sensory Vest – This compression vest for kids with sensory issues helps relieve stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions caused by ADHD or autism, so your child can feel more focused, calm, and relaxed around others.

Keep your child more focused and relaxed with a sensory weighted compression vest designed to wrap them in a comforting hug.

If your child struggles with physical sensory issues, especially when it comes to ADHD or autism, helping them stay calm and relaxed can be challenging if they simply feel that the world is too big. That’s why wrapping them in a Special Supplies Compression Vest can go a long way to easing fears, reducing stress, and keeping them focused and engaged at home or in the classroom.

Comfy Compression and Even Weight Distribution

The adjustable shoulder straps, midsection straps, and removable sandbags make the Special Supplies weighted compression vest more comfortable for kids with all different sensory needs. In fact, you can use the compression by itself and add more weight as needed based on their individual size or particular sensory requirements. And because it’s cool, comfortable, and breathable they can wear it every day to reduce stress, anxiety, or overwhelming emotions.

Product Details:


  • Sensory Weighted Compression Vest for Kids
  • Two (2) Front Pockets with Two (2) ½ lb. Sand Bags
  • Four (4) Back Pockets with Four (4) ¼ lb. Sand Bags (Sizes X-Small and XX-Small only have 2 pockets in the back)
  • Customizable Weight Distribution and Compression Fit
  • Soft, Breathable, and Comfortable for Relaxed Support
  • Fully Adjustable Shoulder and Midsection Straps
  • Available in 5 Comfort-Fit Sizes
  • Gender Neutral Color: Navy


Give your child a stress-relieving “hug” with a soft, comfortable weighted compression vest designed to support sensory issues by getting a Special Supplies sensory vest today.

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