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Sequin Fabric Sensory Wall, 39” x 26”, Large Fabric Panel with Colorful Flip Sequined Tactile Stimulation for Kids or Adults, Calming and Stimulating Early Learning Play

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  • Interactive Sequin Wall Panel – Developed to be a hands-on sensory toy for kids, teens, or adults this sensory wall panel features brightly colored sequins that can be flipped and moved to create images, pictures, words, designs, and creative stylings.
  • Active Hands-On Play and Learning – Fun sensory wall decor you can actually play with our sequin fabric is designed to provide tactile sensory stimulation where you can express creativity and imagination while learning and relieving stress.
  • Floor or Wall-Mounted Displays – Our sensory wall panel can be enjoyed while it’s lying on the floor, or you can hang it up using the heavy-duty corner grommets. This creates vertical or horizontal play options depending on your space or child needs.
  • Travel Case and Templates – We want to expand your creative play options which is why our sensory panel comes with a travel-ready case so you can take it anywhere, as well as template shapes that help you create fun designs and images all on your own.
  • Small Sequined Travel Toy – As a complement to the sequin fabric panel we’ve also included a small, travel-friendly toy covered in sequins that lets you take your sensory play on the go. Great for long car trips or enjoying quiet play at home.

Make early learning fun and help those with extra learning needs find focus and relaxation while they draw, create, and design with colorful sequins.

When it comes to learning it’s important to have outlets that help us feel inspired and engaged, especially if there are a few learning challenges that need extra support. We developed the Special Supplies Sequin Sensory Wall as a way for those who need a smart way to keep children engaged with learning, while providing them with calming focus when they need it most. Designed especially for those with autism, ADHD, or sensory stimulation needs these sensory fabric walls offer a creative way to learn, use colors, create designs, and expand imaginations.

Our large sequined sensory walls with reversible sequins create rainbows of colors that inspire early learners. And because it’s large in size you can create a sensory wall, table, or floor space that supports kids, teens, and adults alike. Colorful, vibrant, and super easy for ages 5 and up, this is a wonderful way to make sensory-based learning more exciting than ever—while still supporting those with special developmental needs.

Product Details:


  • Sequin Sensory Wall for Tactile Learning (Fabric)
  • Calming and Therapeutic Hands-On Play
  • Inspires Early Learning and Educational Fun
  • Great for Children, Teens, or Adults
  • Supports ADHD, Autism, and Learning Challenges
  • Panel Dimensions: 39” x 26”
  • Includes Sequined Travel Toy (Small)
  • Includes Shape and Design Templates


Get this unique sensory wall designed for hands-on touch, play, and interactivity and support developmental needs in children and adults who need an exciting, engaging way to play or learn.

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