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Sensory Clock Gel Pad for Learning Time and Fine Motor Play

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Dimensions: 17” Diameter


The Sensory Clock Gel Pad is a cognitive training tool that engages a child through sight, sensory touch and hand-eye coordination by promoting the importance of time and how it relates to typical activities and it helps the child to clarify the confusion by AM & PM.


The child can move the RED hour hand, and the WHITE minute hand around the clock to various positions. The clock also contains 4 colored marbles that can be pushed around inside. RED marble is for hour, WHITE marble is for minute, YELLOW marble is for AM and BLACK marble is for PM. The child can be instructed to move the appropriate marble to the edge of the clock to tell the time or by using the clock hands, either method enhances color recognition and finger dexterity.

Dimensions: 17” Diameter

Easy Care:

The sensory clock can be cleaned with any anti-bacterial agent, do not use bleach. Although the gel is non-toxic, medical care should be consulted if the gel is ingested.

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