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Sensory Mouth Brushes and Oral Stimulation Tools for Kids and Adults, 6 Pack, with Soft Textured Heads, Travel Case Included

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Provide gentle oral stimulation for those who need extra sensory support on their mouth, tongue, and gums with a sensory mouth brush specifically designed for oral motor stimulation.

Be it early childhood development or those who need extra assistance due to neurodevelopment or neurological challenges oral stimulation can go a long way to helping promote a feeling of calmness and balance. We developed Special Supplies Sensory Mouth Brushes as soothing oral stimulation tools for children and adults who want to “wake up” the mouth, massage the lips, checks, or tongue, or simply need extra support due to ADHD, SMD, SPD, or other feeding needs.

Crafted with chew-resistant silicone that’s soft, flexible, and gentle on teeth and gums, they’re a great tool for giving children more confidence during early learning phases and helping those with extra special needs feel calmer and more relaxed when it comes to oral stimulation. A smart, easy-to-use therapy tool safe for biting, chewing, and active mouth “play”, this 6-pack of mouth brushes is sure to support a single or multiple children or adults.

Product Details:

  • Oral Stimulation Sensory Mouth Brushes (6-Pack)
  • Stimulates and Massages Gums, Tongue, and Mouth
  • Gentle and Flexible Silicone Nubs
  • Provides Tactile Stimulation and Touch Response
  • SLS, Paraben, Phthalate, and BPA Free Materials
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse at Home or On the Go
  • Great for Heavy Chewers and Biters

Stimulate your child’s palate, massage their gums, or ease their oral stimulation needs with a multipurpose mouth brush designed with soft textured silicone nubs.

Squish your stress, anxiety, and tension with these squishy stress balls that offer colorful, squishable fun.

Are you looking for a fun, safe way to relieve your day-to-day stress or deal with anxiety? Then you need this colorful, squishable 4-pack of Stress Balls, a unique way to relieve stress, anxiety, tension, or even struggling with ADHD.

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These non-toxic, squishy stress balls let you channel your feelings and emotions safely. A smooth, durable membrane offers a thick, soft cover over colorful balls, giving you a squeezable toy great for people of all ages. And because it’s non-toxic, non-sticky and won’t leave your hands feeling greasy, you can use it at home, on the go, or wherever you feel like you need to squeeze away a little stress.

Product Details:

  • Squishy Stress Balls (4-Pack)
  • Multi-Colored Balls Inside
  • Durable Membrane
  • Kid-Safe, Non-Toxic
  • Ages: 6+
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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