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Squigglets Sensory Bracelets

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  • 1 Squishy ring toy with soft feelers
  • You can wear it, shake it or fling it
  •  They can be worn as bracelets or anklets
  •  The tactile feel makes them fun and touchable
  • The Squigglets provide sensory stimulation and tactile input for individuals with ASD or SPD
  • One size fits all

The Squigglet Bracelet is wild, bold and a little crazy--plus it's really fun to wear. What's not to like about wearing a toy on your wrist? Pull, stretch, squeeze and fidget with this cool stress relief accessory. The Squigglet Puffer Bracelet has a big, bright and refreshing quality that's sure to liven up your office wardrobe and hopefully, your day.

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